Chinese Reader by Byazanti - Integration with Skritter

Hi All,

This piece of software has been raised on the old forum before, but for those of you who don’t know about it I thought I would let you know about a Chinese Reader created by @Byzanti. See

It is an excellent e-reader in my opinion. The integration with Skritter is excellent. You add all the words that you know from Skritter and it highlights the words that you don’t know. You can also add these words to your Skritter lists through the Skritter API.

It is a very fulfilling experience when you add words from a 4 page journal article and it only highlights about 35-odd words.

From personal experience, I think it is worthful for intermediate and higher learners because you are at that stage where you can discern what are worthwhile words to know and ones which are not (I know this from experience! ;-)).

If you haven’t given it a try, give it a look! It is free!



Thanks Joe :smile:!

Always great to hear when people find it useful. Really the app makes more sense for Skritter users thanks to Skritter’s ability to export learnt vocab. Less compelling for non-users…

Only wish I had 35 words selected when I checked a 4 page article!


Is this still only available on Mac @Byzanti ?


Hi Catherine – sadly so. Just a hobby project and it wont be coming to other platforms I’m afraid. Although the app pales in complexity to most programs, it would still take some considerable time to develop a new version. Busy trying to find time to learn Chinese as it is…!

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:frowning: Ah well, it looks great nonetheless!
A quick google reveals that running Mac programs on Windows is a million times harder than running Windows programs on Mac so I will have to find an alternative. Or buy a mac :wink:

Come to the dark side @Catherine :-). You will never go back!

Not useful enough to justify buying a Mac for! Although like Joe said, they do have a certain allure :sunglasses:

If only I had a spare couple of thousand pounds lying around… :stuck_out_tongue: Despite setting a precedent in buying an iPhone for the Skritter app it seems unlikely sadly.

If anyone knows anything similar on the web or how to run it on PC/iPad then please pipe up!

Over at two tools get heavily promotion (although mostly by their creators):

I haven’t tested either of them though.

Thanks! These look useful, and from a first look I think although not integrated to Skritter they allow import of a list of known words which can be got from Skritter.

I’ve got a free trial of “Chinese Text Analyzer” and will post back here if it’s useful/worth paying for (it’s only £5). FYI the first one actually costs $29 (USD).

Any chance this could work on a Kindle…? =) Thought I’d ask!

Afraid it’s on Mac and not going anywhere else…

Pleco for iOS does have a reader and web browser though although it doesn’t highlight the words you don’t know.