Darker theme for the forum

Could we have a darker theme for the forums? This one is very bright X_X

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I’m someone who wishes every site had a dark theme, so yeah, I definitely agree with the sentiment.

Third this opinion, mostly because light themes are harder on the rods in my eyeballs!

Skritter is waiting for a style guide from the designer that’s working on our site at the moment. Once we have that we’ll update the forum appropriately.

Hopefully that will help reduce eyeball stress!

It seems like there is a lot of revamps going on at Skritter :smile:

Will there be any revamps for the iOS version? Giving it a dark theme, allowing users to have greater control (such as never showing mnemonics, etc)? Or giving the iOS a slightly more updated GUI?

There is a dark theme for the iOS app. Check the settings.

There is a dark theme for the iOS app. Check the settings.

There isn’t for iPad. I searched the old forums for why this is and it seems it would require too much work on new art to be worth the effort. It is possible to get a pseudo-dark theme by universally inverting the iPad’s colors in the Settings > General > Invert Colors option. You can also set a shortcut up so that you can perform this action by tapping the home button 3 times.

I am sadly on the iPad, which I couldn’t find such settings for. As ZanDatsu mentioned, the general dark-theme for the iPad isn’t that good for Skritter.

We’re working on standardizing Skritter across all of the clients, so yes, there will be some revamps on the iOS version! I don’t want to make too many claims about what will change (just yet) but we’ll be sure to share details as they become available.

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