Details on the new 3.5.1 features

You have talked a little about the stylus pressure but could you go into more detail on the other new features?

  • Deck section video support
  • Deck section description support
  • Improved in-app image support for Skritter official art

Currently these features (deck section video & description, official art) are only available on Skritter-official decks. We’ve got a couple decks we’re working (to be released in the near future) that will take full advantage of all of these features! Basically the first two features you mention just allow displaying more information inside of a deck section. The image support improvement improved the sizing of images, but also makes them more accessible by adding them to the vocab info panel. So a lot of the art that’s been on Instagram for idioms or words will now be attached to the vocabs themselves.

We want to open up this kind of additional content authoring on user-made decks in the future, but it will require some updates first. We’re also still figuring out how we want to do moderation and content review along with a couple other details.

@ddapore99 good example of these changes on the Japanese side would be the Learn Japanese Through Music study deck :slight_smile:

@Jeremy took the ten individual study decks and combined it into one master deck. Each section has a video of the song, too.

The deck can also be found on on the Featured tab of the Skritter: Write Japanese app :slight_smile:

Cool, is there a way to try it out so the words aren’t added to my general studies?

Test activity from the mobile app will give you all the vocabulary of each individual song without adding them to your review queue.

When looking up the music deck I noticed a few things.

I. The 中級を学ぼう!, Tobira: Gateway to Advanced Japanese, and Nakama 2, Second edition decks don’t seem to be shown quite right.

  1. The Family, Kanji in Context and Kentaro Monogatari decks don’t seem to be displaying the images for those decks.

  1. There seem to be different Skritter music decks but other than the image that goes with them there isn’t too much of a difference in the naming.

  2. Part 5 says it has video but the one you recommend doesn’t show a video tag. I checked it out and it seems like it’s just missing the tag.

  3. All the music decks and decks for books in a series seem to be in a random order.

I just tried out the music decks and saw the added video. I felt it was nice. I wasn’t really into the music selection so much. Recently I have been listening to the Japanese version of Country Roads. Is there any chance that could be added to the list?

P.S. The Puffy AmiYumi video isn’t working. BTW I think it’s really cool that you can tell at a glance how much studying you’ll need to do to sing a song with Skritter.

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@ddapore99 Jeremy is doing his thing with the music list, so I leave that choice up to him. However, if you make a custom study deck for the song toss us the link we’ll embed the video into the deck and you can publish it to share! Currently, this is an admin-only feature while we clean up the entire deck browsing, tagging, and sharing experience. But, we’ll happily include it into your video