Discepancy between number of due cards in Skritter web app and Skritter mobile app

Hi guys,

I have a question. I’ve noticed that the number of duoe items in Skritter website app and Skritter mobile app are different. The number is higher by 60 due items on the mobile app as of this moment, but the difference could even go up to hundreds.

Did you also experience this discrepancy between web and mobile apps?

Is it recommended to use mobile and web apps simultaneously? Or does it cause the learning algorithm to go bonkers?

Is there any method to fix this?

I will be grateful for any suggestions.

The website and the mobile app have different underlying code. The website is pretty ancient, and doesn’t reflect all the latest changes in the mobile app. My personal usage is to just use the app, because the website really feels like it’s old.

This post talks somewhat about the differences and is relatively recent.

That being said, there are some functionalities that only can be done on the website, such as updating example sentences. The app doesn’t have that capability yet.

But for general review, I think it’s just better to use the mobile app only.

The mobile app loads up all cards due for the day in one go, so you don’t have to keep checking back over the day to get new items.

I’d recommend just using mobile app for most studying unless you’re really keen on typing the pinyin for readings.

As @Apomixis mentioned, the website is the only place to update example sentences and add custom ones. The website is also great for decklist management. It is way easier to type or copy/paste in vocabulary when making decks.

We’re working hard to bring website and mobile apps to parity in a huge Skritter 4.0 update. Once that is out, it won’t matter which platform you use, but in the meantime… most of our energy and updates have been going into the mobile clients.