Do our stats carry over to Discourse?

I remember being able to click on a profile in the old forums, and I could see another users stats (Characters learned, words learned, number of hours etc).

Did this information transfer to Discourse as well?

Thanks for your insights!

@klooste The user stats haven’t been transferred over to Discourse yet (they’re still there don’t worry!). The development team will be looking into the best way to make this possible, but it probably wont happen for a little while as they’re busy working on some of the bigger and more pressing projects at the moment.

@klooste You can get a user’s stats by using this kind of link and the user’s Skritter username (mine is ‘kaicarver’):
Unfortunately the username is sometimes different from the Discourse username. Yours and mine are the same,
but for example SkritterJake’s Skritter username is 'gaojian’
As far as I know there’s no way to know a person’s Skritter username from their Discourse username, except by checking their stats if they posted on the old forum.

Discourse is using Skritter login information to generate a username, so they should be the same for most users. In instances where the username and display name are different (like mine for example) you’ll have to know the actual username to see stats using that link.

I made my Skritter account before working with Skritter, hence the difference between the two. We’ll be talking about user stats during this weeks meeting and we’ll see what kind of development time it will take to implement them into the new forum. We certainly want to get them running, but coding that up is slightly more complicated than originally anticipated.

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