Forcing My Own Definitions?

I’m making a list for Heisig’s Remembering the Hanzi in with German keywords.
I would like to force the single keyword Heisig suggests in his book for this. How would I go about this?
I tried importing the info from a CSV with this format:

一 - eins
二 - zwei

The import worked great, but I would have liked to keep the few definitions I already had, and not add any others or replace them.


The system prioritizes custom definitions, I’m unfortunately not sure there’s an easy way to append your definitions on to what already exists, without manually changing each one. Sorry about this!

A way to implement custom definitions while adding words should be added though. Right now when adding words I see that the definition that comes up is not correct. However, there is no way of editing the definition right away. One has to add the cards first, search for the item with the wrong definition change it manually and then go back to adding. This is a major annoyance when adding vocabulary.