Grading regression in the new version

Hey there, thanks for all the work on the app!

I’m on Android 3.5.4

Hopefully this isn’t the case of false memory, but I’m 99% sure in previous versions, when writing a character, if you select the “Teaching Mode” icon, revealing how to write the character, it’ll be marked as “forgotten” i.e turn red once you wrote it.

When I forget a character, I follow the teaching strokes to remember again, then swipe up to clear, then re-write the character from immediate memory. Previously, after swiping to clear and re-writing it, it would still turn red and be marked as forgotten.

Now, it seems that once you swipe up to clear and re-write, it’ll mark it as green/“Got it” rather than leaving it as forgotten.

This causes an extra step of having to manually re-mark it as forgotten. I believe if you’re selecting the teaching option and need to review the strokes, the card should be marked as “forgotten” and stick there even on subsequent re-writes on the same card. You should need to manually mark it as “got it” if desired, rather than the other way around.

It would be nice to see this fixed again! Let me know if feedback like this belongs in other sections or topics of the forum as well for the future!


This was an accidental regression, thanks for calling it to our attention! We’ve opened an issue to fix this. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jeremy, looking forward to the release!

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Same problem, but I am having another similar one, whereby sometimes the character is still marked correct even though I have attempted enough strokes for the “thunk” (incorrect) sound to be generated.

I’m pretty sure it was marked wrong in this case in the past.

If I get the “thunk” sound more than once, it does mark it incorrect.

Looks like this is getting fixed along with the other reported bug. Stay tuned!

Next beta build 3.5.4 (300451) should fix the two issues mentioned in this thread. I’ll also be adding some updates to the forum there here about what else is in the build