Official Release Notes (Version: 3.3.5 300302)

Current Version:

Android beta: 3.3.5 (300302)
iOS beta: 3.3.5 (300302)
Beta release date: 2019-11-08
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Release Notes:

  • Fixed an issue causing the sync button to spin forever for no reason
  • Fixed a Progress screen bug causing items studied in the early AM to not show up on daily progress (the actual progress was reported, but not being displayed properly)
  • Decks that you browse but don’t actually study from (Learn or Test) no longer appear in My Library
  • Fixed an issue where the hide reading icons to get misaligned on certain devices
  • Improved the password reset experience

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Previous Build Notes:

3.3.5 (300300)
Beta release date: 2019-11-07

Release Notes:

  • Upgrading the way data is stored on the device to improve consistency and performance. This will force a re-download of all user times the first time you open the app.
  • Update to our components library, which may cause some minor issues to how certain elements of the app look on various devices. We will be fixing these things up in a future release.
  • Custom definitions, mnemonics, and other properties now update automatically in-app if changed elsewhere (like the website)
  • Fixed card skipping when tapping too quickly
  • Fixed due count issues when studying in the early morning hours
  • Made improvements to tone cards (Chinese only)
  • Changed “Contact” to “Help” on the slide-out drawer now that we have in-app support documents and guides

3.3.4 (300289)
Beta release date: 2019-10-15

Release Notes:

  • Improved decomposition loading speeds (now instant!)
  • Improved time tracking during review sessions
  • Fixed contact form submissions on iOS
  • Fixed traditional contained characters and decompositions
  • Improved scheduling for new cards to make sure they show up before you forget them when marked “got it”

3.3.4 (300282)
Beta release date: 2019-10-04

Release Notes :

  • Temporarily disabled cheers/toasts while we improve handling, and clean up some related bugs
  • Review and test options now default to “All cards”
  • Added the ability to review from selected decks (single or multiple)
  • Included “Advanced” review options, which allows you to study all cards in your queue, or enter a continuous review session
  • Improved scheduling for incorrect cards. Now, cards marked as “forgot” stay due during the day until you get them correct at least once.

3.3.4 (300278)
Beta release date: 2019-09-25

Release Notes :

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent clicking on the “Exit” button when trying to leave a Review Activity (we hope!)
  • General bug fixes and improvements
    3.3.3 (300274)

Release Notes:

  • Fixed a grading issue preventing some grading changes from taking place after using back button
  • Added deck creation and ability to edit personal decks (note: brand new entries still need to be made on the website)
  • Added some images to the Guest/Free deck Preview cards
  • General bug fixes and improvements

3.2.2 (300252)
Beta release date: 2019-07-17

Release Notes:

  • Adjusted scheduling of incorrect cards to better optimize study experience
  • Improved “My Words” loading, scrolling, and navigation behavior.
  • Improved section navigation inside decks. When you hit back it no longer goes to the first section.
  • Improved handling of banned cards
  • Removed HTML/CSS from appearing in-app on Home screen for decks with videos
  • General bug fixes and improvements

3.2.2 (300249)
Beta release date: 2019-07-10

Notable Fixes and Improvements :

  • More canvas improvements for Tone and Writing cards
  • Fixed user-language localization bug (non-English language options now work!)
  • Improved Review scheduling for multi-character words (Tone and Writing specifically)
  • Fixed bug causing some card types to remain hidden on Test and Review options for smaller screens
  • Improved Guest account settings options
  • Improved custom definitions behavior so they’re updated immediately during study sessions
  • General bug fixes and improvements

3.2.1 (300241)
Beta release date: 2019-07-02

Notable Fixes and Improvements:

  • Increased speed for initial account syncing
  • Improved deck downloading/loading experience
  • Improved Home screen deck loading speed (should be instant in most cases)
  • Included new canvas with ink-like strokes & study streaks (enabled by default on all devices)
  • Fixed issue preventing learning progress on some Japanese decks
  • Improved how the canvas sizes and scales on some items
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Short Video Preview

3.2.0 (300220)
Release date: 2019-05-17

Notable Fixes and Improvements:

  • Improved spacing for cards in the Review queue
  • Newly learned vocabulary is due for Review without any delay
  • Improvements to stroke order animations
  • Progress indicators for deck sections and individual vocabulary
  • Bug fix for single character tone cards when auto play audio was disabled
  • Cheers and toasts to keep you motivated
  • More sound effects for writing & tone cards

3.1.6 (300199)
Beta release date: 2019-03-27

Notable Fixes and Improvements :

  • Back and Forward buttons included in all study modes
  • Learning mode now teaches one item at a time instead of five
  • Learning mode now includes all enabled card types based on user settings
  • Added Quick Settings access to Learn, Test, and Review modes
  • Improved Hide definition, Hide reading, and Auto Reveal functionality
  • Added Auto Advance and Auto Advance Speed to Study Settings
  • Sound effects (switch them on/off on User Account or Quick Settings)

3.1.5 (300179)
Beta release date: 2019-03-07

Release Notes :
More bug fixes and performance improvements

Other notable fixes and improvements :

  • 4-button SRS grading mode has returned. Toggle it on/off on the Study Settings screen
  • Hide Definition and Hide Reading options has returned. Toggle it on/off on the Study Settings screen
  • New items and sections added to lists(Decks) load in the app without logging out and logging in.
  • Improved tone card with a larger canvas, and updated design.
  • Fixed audio bug on tone cards, and now only play audio after completing tones for the whole word.

3.1.5 (300175)
Beta release date: 2019-03-01

Release Notes:
Several fixes aimed at improving sync stability (round 3!)

Other notable fixes and improvements:

  • Updated downloaded audio files on Android to use https
  • Removed extra spaces and fillers from tone prompts
  • Add definition to tone cards to make them more solvable

3.1.5 (300173)
Beta release date: 2019-02-28

Release Notes :
Several fixes aimed at improving sync stability.

Other notable updates :

  • Added SIMP/TRAD indicator for accounts set to “Both”
  • Added fun phrases for certain activity screens if Eccentric mode is toggled on :slight_smile:

3.1.5 (300171)
Beta release date: 2019-02-26

Release Notes :
We have deployed several fixes aimed at improving sync stability.

Other notable updates :

  • Increased canvas writing size for Review and Test modes on many devices
  • Improvements to loading speed for section browsing, Learn mode, Test mode, and My Words
  • Added A new Reduce- Reuse - Recycle video lesson in Featured Decks
  • Added Subscription buttons and sign up options on certain decks and screens (beta)
  • General bug fixes and improvements