Skritter Mobile Official Release Notes

Latest Versions:

Android: 3.8.0 (3005832)
iOS: 3.8.0 (3005832)
Beta release date: 2022-04-20

Android: 3.8.0 (3005832)
iOS: 3.8.0 (3005832)
Release date: 2022-04-20

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3.8.0 Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed a bug where tested decks did not move to Home screen
  • Fixed a bug that caused “tap to hold” gesture to erase the current stroke when using rawest squigs on the writing canvas
  • Bopomofo readings now displays correctly for example sentences instead of pinyin readings
  • Definitions now truncate on the “My Words” screen
  • Fixed a bug where single characters without Outlier data load endlessly
  • Writing cards are now graded as incorrect if the “tap-hold to show next stroke” gesture is used
  • General bug fixes & improvements

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