Problem adding uncommon words to review queue


I was studying words from a custom list in the Skritter Japanese Android app, but it wouldn’t add 皺 (しわ ‘wrinkle, crease’), 硝子 (ガラス ‘glass’), 絨毯 (じゅうたん ‘carpet’), and 捻る (ひねる ‘to twist’) to the queue after I had learnt them in learning mode. I saw on the desktop that these are all marked “Uncommon,” so I checked the settings, and indeed the “Learn uncommon kanji” setting was turned off. So, I activated it and thought that’d be the solution. But it still won’t add these words to my review queue in the app, and I can’t seem to be able to add them on the desktop either.

This seems similar to a forum post made in June 2017, but unlike them, I actually do want to learn the kanji for these words.

Does anyone know a solution to my problem? Thanks.

Hi Wo,

I’ve unmarked these as uncommon writings so you can add them. This feature is old and probably doesn’t make the most sense anymore. Search results when creating Japanese lists would auto default to any entry that has kanji, even if you searched for kana only. So for instance if you searched for しわ, it would convert to 皺 automatically.

Word search results don’t work this way anymore and abide by what you actually searched for, so if you search for 皺、it’ll add 皺, and if you search for しわ, it’ll add しわ to the list.

If a list contains kanji, it’s because it’s trying to teach that, whether it’s an uncommon writing or not. And if it contains a kana only version of the same word, it’s trying to teach that kana only word. In other words, it really should be that you can add whatever is in the list regardless if it’s an “uncommon” writing.

I’ve made a note to discuss this with the rest of the team, but in the meantime you should be able to add those words to your studies!

If you run into any others like this that’s preventing you from studying, you can email us at and we’ll make sure that it’s fixed up so you can add them (until the feature would potentially be removed).

Hi Jeremy,

The words are now in my queue. Thanks for helping out!