Unable to Add Words with Uncommon Kanji (trying to study writing only the kana)

I have the following entry on my word list:

ご馳走様でした (uncommon) ごちそうさまでした: said after meals; That was delicious!

I would like to add this word to my word pool so that I only study the kana, but so far I have been unable to. I have tried the following:

  1. Unchecking the “W” that determines whether or not you wish to study the Kanji in a word
  2. Unchecking “study uncommon kanji” in the study settings menu

But the word still cannot be added. What do I do?

It looks like there are three entries for this, ご馳走様でした, ごちそうさまでした, and 御馳走様でした. You should be able to switch to the kana only entry by searching for it (by adding to a list), and then clicking the “All results” button next to the entry, to switch to the kana only version.