Skritter Android Updates

Here you’ll find a list of updates for each new Android build as they’re published on the Google Play.

0.116.2738 (2015-05-30)
Better adjusted brush width to screen size
Improved handling of contained vocabs

0.114.2732 (2015-05-14)
Fixed single character tone prompts
Fixed some other minor bugs

Direct Download:

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With the new update android stops and exits when updating items.
Is there the old apk around tho me where?


Starting the app with a game accelerator it worked, it seems to be a resource problem?!

I have added a direct download link to the first post that includes a few previous builds.

Note: You’ll need to uninstall the current version as Android doesn’t allow updating to older version. It’s also important to note that using this method will require following the instructions to manually install the audio expansion.

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Thanks for link, imaybe it might come in handy sometimes .

I had crashing problems with the new update as well. I uninstalled the current update, and the posted ARM older version would also crash for me, although it would happen within seconds of clicking on the app. I decided to try downloading the updated version from the play store and it all started up fine again and loaded with only one problem; my cards seem to have lost all their time values/queing places. They all say new and are of the same category “how do you pronounce …?”. Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

I would try completely uninstalling the application again and then downloading a fresh copy directly from Google Play. The latest version is 0.96.2693. I have a report from another user that a fresh install with the latest version resolved the issue. If your reviews weren’t able to sync before uninstalling then it’s likely they didn’t get saved to the server. The application syncs in the background ever few minutes or prompts completed, so you shouldn’t have lost too much data (if any).

Keep me updated on this issue and we can proceed from there.

No luck. Although now there are a couple hundred more “new” cards popping up. Maybe it has something to do with my reviewing of the cards without an internet connection for a few days (it would crash if the internet was enabled).

Another thing you could try would be turning your phone on airplane mode and opening the application to the dashboard. Then once the dashboard is loaded turn off airplane mode and then click the sync button in the top-right corner.

Being connected to the internet is no longer a problem. That was just with the initial update. For two or three days after the automatic update I could only open the app without an internet connection, and I continued review my cards without adding any new ones. When I discovered this thread I tried installing an old version, failed, and then redownloaded the new version. At that point it started working with the internet connected, but now I’ve got 500+ previously reviewed cards which all say “new”. They are all of the “how to pronounce” category, and the cards I answer as wrong are not reappearing. I used restore data and restore subsription, but they were ineffective. Is there a way to restore where I was in my progress from a week ago?

Hey, I installed the latest update and now Skritter’s crashing worse than ever before, but when I go to the files page linked it only has the latest versions. Is there any way you can re-upload the previous versions, particularly 0.94.2682? Thank you.

Hey zelara, the ideal solution would be for me to fix the issues so that you can use the latest versions. I’d like to get a bit more information about what kind of device and how the application is crashing. If you’ve just been upgrading, it might be worth completely uninstalling and reinstalling a fresh copy from Google Play or the link provided above.

Yes, I agree, ideally I’d be able to use the latest versions, but as a temporary fix I’d love to be able to install the old versions. For version 0.96.2693, I believe, the app had been crashing in a similar way to how jasche described-- exiting when updating items-- but with 0.106.2717 my app crashes immediately with the unhelpful “Unfortunately Skritter Chinese has stopped” message:

Here’s my about phone page, if that is helpful:

I have posted an update to Google Play that should be available for download now. I’d be interested in getting your feedback on how it runs so that I can make adjustments accordingly or start digging for other solutions.

Oops, I forgot to update this thread. Since that post I actually factory reset my phone, relocked, updated to Lollipop, and re-unlocked. I’m not sure what did it, but in the end, Skritter started working again. It was an agonizing two-day process, haha.

Strange! I’m glad it’s rendering strokes properly again.

Starting today I’m not able to move to the next word when I’m done with “toai” (far, distant) in the Japanese version. Everything else seems to work, just not the next button. Words I get to before that word works fine . I have restarted both application and phone without any success . I have a Galaxy Note 2.

I have not been skrittering at all for the last 3 months as I wasn’t very satisfied with how the android app was working back then. I was wondering if there has been any big changes since then? Thinking about maybe installing it again.

This happened to me too yesterday and today. It seems to me that I could not move to the next word after any word ending with the ‘i’ hiragana.

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What was wrong with it for you? It’s working well for me, but then again I’ve been pretty happy with it from the start.

As far as I know there haven’t been any huge changes in a while. There was a lot of sudden fast progress for a while, but then not much apparent change in the last few months.

Some features I still miss, like example sentences, I compensate for by using the Pleco link. Or pasting in example sentences into the mnemonic field…