Skritter app loading issue on iOS 13.4

@SkritterJake IMPORTANT: under the new iOS Update 13.4 I Face the issue that the current Skritter beta does not open properly. Either it takes way too long or it simply does not open at all. It freezes in the grey Skritter Interface. Please have a look at this ASAP

PS. Reinstalling the beta did not help

@Farham thanks for the report! I was able to reproduce this on iOS 13.4 using my iPad (6th generation). I’m currently looking into what is causing this and will update when I have more information.

I’m using an iPhone 11, if that’s helping you.

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@Farham thanks for the report!

I moved this into a new topic to keep things focused on the specific issue. We’re able to reproduce the issue and are working on debugging and solving it now.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thanks again for bringing it to our attention!

@Farham we found the issue and we’re prepping a beta update. Should be out a bit later today (assuming Apple pushes it quickly).

To anyone else who might be glancing at this thread, we’d recommend not updating to iOS 13.4 if you’ve got the option. We’re certainly not the only app that is crashing. Slack and Notion, two tools we use a lot internally, hard crashed on Josh’s iPad and are not reopening.

Great! Thanks for the quick response and fix. Looking forward to it!

Beta is released. I tested on iPhone X (iOS 13.3) and iPhone 6S Plus (iOS 13.4), and my account appeared to be working okay on both.

Let us know how it goes!

Problem solved for me! Thanks a lot :smiley: