Sound and Mute on 3.3.4

I’ve been returning to the beta on and off over the past few months, and it is now at the point that (for me at least) I prefer it to the legacy iOS app (what I have been using for years).

One feature I am trying to find is the mute setting. An earlier Beta Forum post on a prior beta version (iOS TestFlight beta (3.0.2) feedback) noted “I love the mute button”, though I have not been able to find a button labeled as Mute. I am using 3.3.4 (300289) with Chinese.

There are several settings related to sound, but if I turn them all off, even if my phone is muted, the app still makes sound, which is inconvenient in public areas if I don’t have ear buds. The legacy iOS app doesn’t play any sounds if my phone is muted.

Any ideas?

Playing around with this a bit more, it looks like there are two settings for this that you have to set inside the practice session (auto play audio and sound effects). However this is not quite as convenient as legacy iOS Skritter.

The use case involves alternating between studying with and without earbuds.

In legacy iOS Skritter, it behaves as you would expect: with the device muted, Skrittering without earbuds, Skritter doesn’t play any sounds. With earbuds, you hear the sounds.

In the beta, when your device is muted, sound plays out loud even if you are not wearing earbuds. The location of the controls (inside the practice session) is a bit counterintuitive, first as you have to remember to set it manually when starting a session, second as it plays out loud if you forget to set it, which is awkward in public settings.