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So I really love this app but I find it incredibly frustrating that there seems to be no way to focus on specific words and practice them over and over again. I would really like the option to focus only on cards that I’m struggling with. Is there any way to do this that I’m missing? Also is there any way to stop the review report from popping up?Thanks!

Hi LoveMandarin! :wave:

We’re planning to add a method to be able to just focus on / test on cards that were recently marked as wrong (or starred), however there’s currently not a way to do this unfortunately. It’s on the list!

There’s not a way to disable to review reports from popping up, however I’ve made a note of this for our team meeting.

I know this is not the answer you’re looking for, but it’s worth pointing out that the spaced repetition part of the app does this all the time, but over a longer time span than you probably want. You will see the words you get wrong over and over, just not more than twice per day (once when you first review, then again at the end of the session if you got it wrong). Normally, this is a good thing, because spreading each review out makes learning several times more efficient.

Now, we all have words that we really struggle with for some reason, those that just refuse to stick, seemingly whatever we do. That’s when we need the feature Jeremy is talking about, which would allow us to take decisive action and really learn words we keep getting wrong! Still, even when this feature is in place, it’s still not a very good long-term strategy to rely on rote learning for things we find hard to learn. Most of the time, it’s better to learn more about the characters, look at the components, understand why the character looks the way it does, put it in context and so on.

Yes I definitely agree with everything you said. I’m glad to hear you guys are working on getting this feature out. Can’t wait!

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