Surface Pen only working when Clicked

Just bought a Surface Go.
Surface Pen and touch are “moving the screen” only, while input with pen working only when the side button is clicked. It is impossible to constantly click this button, and also menu appears after the unclicking. Thus it is impossible to write characters.

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Looks like it is not a common issue. However, it makes impossible to use Surface for Scritter. Any ideas how this could be fixed?

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Hi @exedocent, congrats on the new Surface! Sorry it’s unpleasant to use in the browser with the factory settings. I don’t have immediate access to the Surface Go, so while I can’t say for sure how to get it working how you want on your device, I am fairly confident it should as there are multiple other pen and touch devices (including different models of the Surface line) for which Skritter does work in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Try searching the internet for pen input issues in the browser with the Surface Go. Make sure you’re not in tablet mode, have the latest Windows updates and device firmware (both for the Surface and the Pen), and in general play around both with the pen and its settings in the Pen & Windows Ink area of the control panel. Try writing without holding down any buttons, with clicking, with holding down a button, etc. The default Pen behavior varies by generation and various Windows updates over the years which makes it hard to pinpoint exactly what settings make it work best in the browser.
If you do discover some insights, please report them!


Hi exedocent,

Are you using Chrome? I am using a Lenovo Yoga with a Wacom pen and this problem drove me absolutely insane for about an hour. What worked for me is going into chrome://flags and disabling Direct Manipulation Stylus (it was on default for me, and all it did was scroll and was very inconsistent in letting me click, which sounds like the same thing you’re dealing with).

I hope this will help you and/or others, good luck!


Birch, you saved me! It worked immediately!
Thank you!

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@Birch thanks so much for your input! We’re gonna be adding this one to the support knowledge base for sure!

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