TOCFL Level 5 missing

I noticed that the TOCFL Level 5 deck cannot be found through the search. However the deck “Important words missing or delayed in TOCFL” does refer to it. could you maybe check if that deck is just hidden or unpublished or something?

There is a TOCFL deck that has all the words, including level 5.

"I’ll make Level 5 when some users show some interest in trying it "

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@Gwilym Gwilym as you said in the other now closed thread i want to let you know that i am interested in the level 5 deck. i will be start studying it in just under three weeks so it would be great if it exists by then

I have added this to our list of requested study decks. In the meantime, it looks like there may be several options.

This deck has the level 5 words, but it also has the previous levels as well. There also appears to be several user-made decks for level 5. You can take a look at them here and here.

i think both of these decks are very unfortunate as they are alphabetical for some stupid reason

Just take the full deck, make a copy of it and delete the sections 1a-4m.