Traditional characters- legal restrictions on the mainland


Here’s the meat:

Article 17 Where by the relevant provisions of this Chapter are
concerned, the original complex or the variant forms of Chinese
characters may be retained or used under the following circumstances:
第十七条 本章有关规定中,有下列情形的,可以保留或使用繁体字、异体字: (1) in cultural relics and historic sites; (一)文物古迹;
(2) the variant forms used in surnames; (二)姓氏中的异体字;
(3) in works of art such as calligraphy and seal cutting; (三)书法、篆刻等艺术作品;
(4) handwritten inscriptions and signboards; (四)题词和招牌的手书字;
(5) where their use is required in the publishing, teaching and research; and (五)出版、教学、研究中需要使用的;
(6) other special circumstances where their use is approved by the relevant departments under the State Council. (六)经国务院有关部门批准的特殊情况