When will HSK 3.0 vocabulary lists make into the app?

I’d really like to start my practice from the ground up with the HSK 3.0 specification but there aren’t any word lists for it in the app, I’ve seen mentions of the new vocabulary list online and I believe i heard the words just haven’t been sorted into their proper levels yet, is there an estimated time when this will all be put together?

We’re working on this currently and will have it ready as soon as we can!

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@jkmcameron. This article speculates quite a bit, but is the best summary of what is known today about HSK3.0 that I have run across.

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I’m slowly auditing an HSK 3.0 internal use document we made that has the 11k+ items likely to be in the HSK 3.0 system. It’s not split into all the levels yet, but it’ll give us a very starting point once the new materials/lists come out.

Once the audit is done, we’ll make sure that we’ve got all the audio recorded for the items, and start filling in the gaps on any missing example sentences (starting from the lowest levels first).

My audit is going well, but it is a lot to slog through. I’m currently 11.29% done with all of it and trying to make daily progress if I can.


If that helps with the motivation, I fell off my Skritter learning early this year (due to various factors influenced by covid). I resetted my account and I am waiting for HSK 3.0 to start again from scratch.


Out of curiosity, where are you with HSK 3.0? Thanks!

It’s currently not a priority task anymore as more recent news indicates the test won’t be revised for another year or two (see: New HSK Test: Changes and Updates You've Got to Know about HSK 3.0 - ImproveMandarin). My guess is they didn’t expect COVID to happen in their original release timeline.

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I am 34.5% done with my audit, btw. We’re still going to finish up the audit and start making content on our end, but I’m slowing down my pace a bit :slight_smile:


Here’s a new link about the new HSK 3.0 standard. At the bottom of the page is a link to a PDF containing character and word lists for the new levels.


or grab the PDF here:

It’s pretty interesting. It shows all the grammar points too. However it still doesn’t break down Level 7-9…they are still one BIG chunk.

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Thanks for posting the PDF.

To anyone thinking of making a Skritter deck hang tight! Save yourself from manually entering 11k entries and hold tight while we get our decks ready for release :slight_smile:

We are monitoring the situation and we’ll make sure that new study materials are available on Skritter as they get published. HSK Official on Twitter has stated that “the standard will be formally implemented on July 1, 2021.” but as far as I’m aware you still can’t buy any of the new test prep stuff.

As Apomixis said, level 7-9 is just a giant mess of stuff at the moment. We’ll sort it as such until things get more granular. Regardless of that, the official date has caused me to bump up the priority of the audit, and get things ready for July 1st, 2021 if not sooner.

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The Ministry of Education didn’t send you the complete lists before publication?

There is an MIT licensed GitHub project with the lists stating they OCR’d the PDF

Maybe that would help for, minimally, some cross-correlation.

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Another excellent link discussing what’s currently known about new HSK 3.0

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We have an OCR’d version of the list already. We’re just doing the sanity checks.

With COVID-19 situation going on I took a break from the audit for a while until we got an official update. Now that we have some more info it’s back to the grind.

OCR did good, but the little issues pop up here that need human intervention. 剪,煎 and the associated words, for example, all showed up using 前 and needed manual fixing.

Will keep you all updated as we get closer to being done. I don’t expect it to take terribly long at the pace I’m going. I should be well last 50% mark before the end of the week!

We’ll check out the MIT list as well when we’re done as another reference point.


Haha, I just tuned back in, neat to see that my thread has been kept active

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44.71% done with the audit as of this morning :slight_smile:

Interesting graphic showing where words “moved to”

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Interesting graphic.

They don’t have a colour code indicated, but I assume the beige/pale brown squares represent the vocabulary that is not in the current HSK list?

And that some of the current HSK is gone.

I haven’t done a diff in what’s missing from the old HSK to the new one just yet, but I’d be pretty surprised if anything from HSK 1-6 will be gone when we factor in all nine levels. Unless, some words are considered “outdated” in Modern Mandarin.

I keep feeling like I shouldn’t need to learn the word for fax anymore, but I did have to send a fax last week when dealing with the government, so maybe I should still occasionally review the word in Chinese, too! :joy:

@SkritterJake Will you be rolling out the lists all-at-once, or as they become available? I’ve been noticing as I’ve been reading and looking up words that even words not in my current vocabulary are on the lower-level (HSK2 or 3) new lists. It’d be great to get the new lower level lists sooner rather than waiting for Skritter to prep and get through the entire higher level HSK7-9 lists.