Why are you learning Chinese?

This question hopes to spark inspiration, motivation, and a perhaps a discussion on our intrinsic values as people. Why are you studying the 中文?

Our time is a finite resource, so why spend it learning Chinese?

My reason: to give my children an opportunity to learn Mandarin (because my parents never taught me their mother languages (Dutch and Russian)). But I’ve found the longer I spend in the China, the more weary I become to marry a Chinese… Not trying to demean any race here.

Feel free to share your insights on any of these ideas; please make sure you too state why you’re learning ZHONG WEN!

I started reading translated Chinese web novels on wuxiaworld.com. But now I want to read them in their native language, so I’m learning to read Chinese.

I want to be a translator but I have no idea how many words Ill need to know to be able to start to make some basic earnings…