Character challenges: April

Here are the challenges posted on our Facebook page and Twitter feed during the past month. We offer prizes (free Skritter time) for a few correct answers to our weekly character challenges.

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Here are some of the challenges this month:

  1. Guess what Chinese character this is a mnemonic to: “Older brothers think they can do everything twice as good as anyone else” (by Skritter user shaoyens)
    (still open, send a direct message to us on FB for a chance to win free Skritter time)

  2. Which Chinese character does not belong in this group and why? 然、燈、水、營

  3. Guess what Chinese character can form words with: 人、全、量、气

  4. Spot the incorrect character: 我昨夭看到她,你怎么说她在美国呢?

Scroll down for the answers, but see if you can find the right answer before you peek!


  1. Not revealed yet, please post your answer as a direct message to us on Facebook for a chance to win free Skritter!

  2. 水 is the only character that doesn’t contain the fire radical in any form.

  3. 力:人力、全力、力量、力气

  4. 夭 should be 天

These are our intended answers, but in some cases there are many acceptable answers.

If you want more, check the previous forum posts:

Facebook again! angrily shakes fist You’ll never get me, hear me, Zuckerberg? Not even for Chinese character challenges!

That’s why we post them here as well! :slight_smile:

But… but it says “send a direct message to us on FB for a chance to win free Skritter time” even here, good sir!

Yeah, that’s if you want to participate in the competition, but you can of course still do the challenges for fun, which is should be the main motivation anyway!