Character challenges: June

Here are the challenges posted on our Facebook page and Twitter feed during the past month. We offer prizes (free Skritter time) for a few correct answers to our weekly character challenges.

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Here are some of the challenges this month:

  1. Which character does not belong in this group and why?

  2. Guess what character can form words with:

Scroll down for the answers, but see if you can find the right answer before you peek! We will take a break with the weekly challenges over the summer, so this is an excellent opportunity to give us feedback. What do you think about the challenges?


  1. Several possible answer, the intended one is that 日 is the only character which isn’t a simple ideograph. Another possible answer is 本 which is the only character not read with a fourth tone.

  2. Two possible answers, the intended one was 王, the other is 家.

These are our intended answers, but in some cases there are many acceptable answers.

If you want more, check the previous forum posts:

Are you sure that 国 is both in the riddle and in the solution?

Oh, that was a mistake. :slight_smile: It should have been 王, thanks for pointing this out!