Character challenges: March

Here are the challenges posted on our Facebook page and Twitter feed during the past month. We offer prizes (free Skritter time) for a few correct answers to our weekly character challenges.

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Here are some of the challenges this month:

  1. Guess what Chinese character this is a mnemonic to: “Do you want to look that horse in its mouth or not?” (by Skritter user CleverClogs)
    (still open, send a direct message to us on FB for a chance to win free Skritter time)

  2. Which Chinese character does not belong in this group and why? 美、洋、娘、提

  3. Guess what Chinese character can form words with: 东、中、冰、顶

  4. Japanese challenge: 意ッ牌破一鮭ヲ埜無、煮灰刃差毛沙卦ヲ野夢、産陪派左気火都ヲ之務

Scroll down for the answers, but see if you can find the right answer before you peek!


These are our intended answers, but in some cases there are many acceptable answers.

  1. No answer yet! Please send a direct message on FB.

  2. 美: many solutions (only semantic-phonetic compound, only third tone).

  3. 山 and 部 both work.

  4. 一杯は人酒を飲む、二杯は酒酒を飲む、三杯は酒人を飲む.

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